Corporate solutions

Corporate solutions

If you are an expat company executive or expat business owner, this section is designed specifically for you. As part of your employee retention strategy we can assist in helping your expat staff to safeguard their income and minimize their taxes whilst abroad. Corporate packages also allow company executives to provide their expat staff with other additional financial planning benefits.

Corporate structures

Using offshore companies, also known as International Business Corporations or IBCs, as part of your corporate financial planning can save you a lot of money.

Having your business funds located offshore puts you more in control and makes it easier to move company capital within your organisation, perhaps around the world. If you need to move your operational and or production centre to another country, offshore funds are more readily accessible to help set up your new base.

Free from exchange controls and other restrictions, your money can be used however you wish and whenever you choose. Even if your money just sits in a bank account, you will at least avoid paying tax on the interest.

As an expatriate it is often a lot easier to transfer money into your country of residence than out of it.

Employee retention packages

With few, if any, restrictions, offshore financial planning can provide you with powerful employee retention packages. This can help you in attracting and retaining quality professional expats.

Retirement planning

An intermediate offshore company provides the perfect structure to facilitate executive retirement planning for your expat staff. Free from the retirement savings restrictions that exist onshore, expat companies are free to invest as much as you choose for your expat staff. Regardless of the company level of contribution, these expat corporate retirement plans provide your expat staff with some of the most flexible and portable options available. Your expat staff can ‘retire’ and access their retirement fund when THEY choose. All of the funds can be taken by your expat staff tax free and in full if so desired.

Financial security planning

There are first class health insurance schemes which provide both individual and corporate cover to working expats, with big discounts for corporate schemes. Life insurance and other income protection cover for expats is available in a wide range of currencies, the proceeds of which are free of tax and easy to claim.

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