Financial planning

Financial planning

Financial security is one to our most basic human needs. It is achieved by safeguarding and making the most of your savings and other resources today so that you can continue to live comfortably, regardless of changes in your circumstances. We recommend good financial planning as a prudent exercise in prosperity so that you’re hard earned wealth gains in value, and will continue to benefit you and your family long after you’ve stopped working.

Why plan?

A cursory look at those who have enjoyed fame and fortune will reveal that in almost every case, success resulted from following a definite and well thought out plan.

Planners win!

Financial planning

The financial planning process examines and balances your financial objectives with your resources. It also gives you the tools necessary to ensure your financial security. This same financial planning can also ensure the financial security of your heirs.

Financial planning provides expats with a comprehensive holistic financial life plan designed to deliver and maintain your financial security. Financial planning has a far wider scope than stock broking and in many cases, direct investment in stocks and shares may not be in your best interests due to the risks involved and the constant micromanagement required.

Succession planning

Financial planning also ensures that your money and other assets pass to your intended heirs without dispute and with minimal taxation. Your financial plan can also provide safeguards to protect your heirs from themselves where they are perhaps inexperienced in handling what is often a large inheritance.

A lifetime partnership

Financial planning is built around people. This means that when your circumstances as an expat change, your plan needs to be reviewed. A professionally exam qualified financial planner will have the proven knowledge, skills and experience to build and maintain your financial security plan.

A UK qualified financial adviser, who has completed the specialist examinations in trust and estate planning, retirement planning and investment planning will have completed over 700 hours of professional studies which have been tested in at least 10 different examinations. Membership of the UK Personal Finance Society can be checked by contacting them via their website:

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