Retirement options

Retirement options

If you are an expat that wants security for your savings as well as a financial plan that delivers the income that you need for your retirement then you need a solution that is tailored to you. Financial planning is the first step in securing a comfortable and lasting retirement income, or making sure your current retirement planning and pension arrangements achieve the greatest possible mileage for you and your family. Safety is perhaps the most important element of your nest egg and we’ve devised a handy acronym that covers our approach to your retirement: S A F E.

Security: one of the key considerations in financial planning for retired expats is financial security. Making sure that your hard earned and saved money is invested in a way that you are completely comfortable with and is free from unnecessary taxation or loss is essential. This is achieved by locating your cash and other investments in an OECD Group 1 international financial centre.

Advice: all of our financial planners are professionally qualified by examination to at least the level necessary to legally provide financial advice in the UK. Your financial adviser will stay in close contact with you and also ensure that changes in your circumstances and other personal wealth preferences are reflected in your financial planning. We can also help to structure your investments so that they pass quickly and easily to your intended beneficiaries only.

Flexibility: your financial planning is designed with maximum flexibility so that you are able to access your money quickly and easily. We understand that retirement is all about enjoying yourself and living comfortably without working. Access to your savings is imperative.

Equity: above all, you have the opportunity to make your hard earned pension nest egg grow, for the benefit of you and your loved ones. Using your personal wealth preferences, we create a financial plan designed to provide you with your target income and/or investment growth. As an expat you have several options available for mitigating taxation from your home country, and securing your money in a safe yet accessible way that will guarantee you a decent return.


Expats can now transfer their UK pension rights to offshore pensions schemes. The offshore scheme must be a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (or QROPS) which is approved by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

The main benefits that can accrue from transferring UK pension rights to a QROPS are:

More information about your options for transferring your UK pension rights can be found on our QROPS page as well as at the QROPS Bureau.

For more information on how we can help maximize your retirement income and assist with your QROPS transfer, please contact us.