Working expats

Working expats

Did you know that if you are a working expat you can look forward to a much more comfortable retirement than people back in your home country? This is because working expats can invest unlimited amounts in tax-free, offshore retirement savings plans.

Benefits unlimited

Working expats can also start enjoying their retirement savings when they choose, instead of when the Government of your home country decides to let you. Attractive overseas employment packages, in relatively low cost countries, means that working expats are likely to meet their retirement goals well below normal retirement age, even if you plan to return to your home country at the end of your working life!


We help to build long term financial plans for professional working expats living in Asia. The planning process is an opportunity to examine your objectives and to select the correct savings level to meet your needs.

Many working expats are still building their retirement funds, house purchase fund and other savings. A definite plan focuses on your needs and quantifies these making it easier for you to retire comfortably and to achieve your other goals.

For those working expats with dependants, financial protection planning can safeguard you against the financial impact of an unexpected end to your working career. Even if no one is financially dependant on you it’s worth considering some form of income protection that safeguards you against the financial impact of being unable to continue working due to accident or ill health.

We also help working expats to restructure existing savings arrangements to help them get the very best out of their savings and investments.

Start early and go the distance

Don’t delay your retirement savings program. If you are a working expat who is planning on retiring in 15 years, your retirement fund will be worth 10 per cent less if you wait a year to set it up. If you delay by five years your retirement fund is cut in half!

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